At Plinio Hub we give you expert
UX reviews of your website, software or app.
We guarantee better User Experience!

Get a UX review

Engage your users & convert visits into more revenue.

Optimize the user flow, content, design, layout, graphics, images & purchase experience.

Analyze usage patterns. Interpret the numbers, enhance tracking methods & set goals.

How Plinio Hub UX experts work

A standard or bespoke UX review process based on your needs.

We understand the purpose of your site, your users & your business goals.

Go through your website, software or app analyzing the user experience.

Deliver to you a report with all observations and UX suggestions.



Standard UX

1 page report with UX recommendations:

  • user experience
  • user flow
  • layout
  • design
  • content
  • purchase process
  • achieving goals

2 days turnaround time

*Great for everyone!


UX plus Analytics

Standard UX package
Analyze Google Analytics and give recommendations on:

  • audience
  • behavior
  • goals
  • acquisition channels

3 page report
1 UX expert for approximately 4 hours

*Google Analytics access must be provided

*Plinio Hub also provides Google Analytics training or configuration. Contact us for more information.


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Other UX services, including:

  • UX Training
  • Software reviews
  • Mobile apps reviews
  • Custom services
  • User research
  • UX design

Multiple UX experts in various fields or users for user research can be provided.